The U.S. Senate declared January 11th, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, a day to promote awareness for the millions of trafficking victims around the world. This national holiday was designed to advocate for the quickly escalating issue that is now the second largest criminal industry in the world. This profitable industry has constructed a network of businesses that is worth between 10 and 42 billion dollars today. The exact amount of victims is unknown because of the many underground trafficking rings and unreported crimes, but is estimated to possess approximately 27 million victims worldwide. With the current, depressed economic situation settled upon us, many desperate individuals are at risk for falling victim to this heinous crime.  January 11th was a day designed to educate the uneducated and enact a plan for change, but in the days, months and years to follow, every day must be National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, in order to bring the action and attention this issue needs and deserves.