I chose to create a simple and clean header that is visually appealing, but not too busy. I decided on the white background for versatility and a simplistic object (a needle) that is meaningful to our issue. I purposefully angled the needle so that the text would be divided. The font I chose to use is Century, a clean and sophisticated style. I placed the title in the upper division of header in size 36. The needle divides the header in half and in the lower header I placed our slogan. I had to be careful wording our slogan to avoid using terms that may offend the clients of the needle exchange. The slogan is in size 18 font and I broke it up into three evenly spaced lines to avoid clutter. I tried to maintain consistency and even spacing to make the header look as clean as possible. After all, our goal is to promote the usage of clean needles, so a visually clean header is appropriate.